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Being a burn survivor and a career in the fire service is an interesting dynamic. Tyler can apply his message and experiences for many events, be it a keynote address, panel speaker, or for your conference or convention. His story will compel, inspire and motivate crowds of all ages. In addition to his inspirational story, Tyler has over 15 years of public speaking experience that makes working with him professional and enjoyable. 


Working in leadership role within a large municipal organization and playing team sports all his life has taught Tyler the foundational principals of teamwork and leadership in all types of circumstances.  He understands the challenges and pressures leaders face today.  He is presently working towards a degree in Public Safety Administration and applies solid principles teaching servant leadership and how to succeed as a team in dynamically changing environments. 


Tyler has taken many steps and on his journey of forgiveness,  choosing at one point chose to visit the man who tried to kill him face to face in prison and extend forgiveness as part of his own healing and pursuit of his purpose in life.  He speaks about how the power of forgiveness in our personal and professional lives can open the door to opportunity and contributes towards a path of emotional and physical health.  He believes that the fundamental principles of forgiveness assist to build a part of our emotional resilience and that we cannot live in the past while attempting to thrive in our future.  


Tyler is available for bookings upon request.

Whether it is speaking to small or larger groups, Tyler is your perfect choice for your next event.