The official website of burn survivor, inspirational speaker, and fire service leader.


Tyler was set on fire by his attacker and suffered 3 degree burns to 25% of his body, requiring multiple skin graphs and operations.  He spent over 10 years volunteering with burn survivors of all ages, and countless hours as burn camp counselor working with children.  

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As a leader, he understands the pressures and challenges we all face everyday in our organizations and strives to inspire those at all level to push themselves both personally and professionally.  His extensive experience over the last 20 years working at various levels within the fire service allows him to draw on real world examples of being a part of and leading high performing teams, while working under high risk situations and tremendous pressure.  Overcoming the challenges he has faced in life has taught him the importance of relationships and the power of purpose both personally and professionally as the key to overcoming challenges and dealing with adversity.  

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Knowing all too well the challenges we can all face in life he speaks to audiences about the power of forgiveness, developing a healthy perspective and purpose in life while turning negatives into positives and challenging yourself and those around you to make every day count.  

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  • "An inner city school teacher who desperately needed someone to speak to her class - and especially an at risk boy who was about to watch both his parents die - asked me if I could recommend someone who would inspire her students with his own experence of overcoming adversity and succeeding in life. Tyler Pelke immediately came to mind. As it would if the request had come from a corporation, a police service or a church group . Tyler has literally been through the fire. But instead of living his life in its ashes as a victim Tyler chose to light hope in hearts. He is my hero in the true sense of the word. And when you hear his extraordnary story of courage and his message of forgiveness he will be yours, too."

    Gord SinclairWinnipeg Free Press
  • "I have had the pleasure and the privilege of presenting with Tyler to a variety of audiences. Tyler is a truly genuine individual with a powerful story and a life changing message. Tyler's message about the power of choice and the strategies he provides will change your life for the better."

    Brian WillisWinning Mind Training
  • "Tyler was a presenter at our 2015 Victims of Homicide conference in Edmonton with the theme "Touched by Murder - Healing Step by Step." This conference hosts approximately 250 delegates who have lost a loved one to murder; an audience that can be very daunting to present to for some given the intensity of their grief and trauma. Tyler did a wonderful job of giving his message of hope and healing through forgiveness in a way that acknowledged their experience and gently encouraged them to grow. Very appropriate message for the conference!”

    Colleen ConnellyVictims of Homicide Conference, Edmonton, Alberta